Bunting Bootie | White Sanded Leather


Don’t you just CRAVE an old, worn-in, super soft chukka boot to cruise around town? For the BUNTING we took all the amazing things we loved about this style, made it way more feminine and comfortable, used a beautiful nubuck leather that you will DIE over, broke it in just a bit so you don’t have to and gave it a simple leather outsole. Our white color has been lightly sanded to give it a perfectly worn and already loved look. Our suede taupe is soft to the touch and fits like a sock, right out of the box. 

Oh, and of course all beek footwear has a molded arch that not only gives you comfort but also adds a unique design to the side and bottom of the shoe. 

Materials + Construction

* All-leather sole
* Super comfortable molded leather arch
* Our signature two metal studs at inside of sole
* Tiny hand-pounded nail heads around insole
* No heel cup (which means no stiffness in the heel)
* No toe box (you get the idea, no stiffness again)
* This style runs true to size. 
If you you have wide feet or prefer to wear socks, please size up a half size.

Any questions on sizing, fit, etc. contact us! 

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