Chakra Bracelet | Blue

Love Light Compassion Foundation


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This sparkly, topaz blue, crystal bead bracelet brings your focus on speaking from truth.

Affirmation: “I am guided by my spiritual self and speak with pure truth and intention.”


The Importance of Chakras

Chakras, coming from the Sanskrit word for wheel, refer to the seven swirling energy centers in our bodies where matter and consciousness meet. Our jewelry pieces are designed to bring awareness to the chakra of the corresponding color. Our bodies are always in a state of ebb and flow between balance and imbalance. If a chakra is blocked, energy will not flow. In order to maintain a positive flow of energy, we need to keep our chakras open, fluid and aligned which in return will keep us healthy and vibrant. We have created affirmations designed to help bring intention and focus to your corresponding chakras for improved health and balance.

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