Tee Lab by Frank & Eileen

Long Sleeve Funnel Neck Tee | Blue Steel


Same elegant design as our LAB518 Long Sleeve Funnel Neck Sweatshirt, our LAB518LJ Long Sleeve Funnel Neck Tee brings all the elegance of a mock turtleneck to your favorite relaxed long sleeve tee. Wear alone, tucked or untucked, then, as the weather cools, slip on under your favorite button up for an extra layer.

Remember your boyfriend's perfectly worn in college sweatshirt? It’s like that… but better!
100% Cotton Fleece

Care: No need to turn yourself inside out, just the shirt. If you can't find a friend to do the dirty work, find a machine and wash in cold water. Brrrr. Save the bleach for your socks. Tumble dry on low, have a cup of tea and stand by to remove promptly!
When you hear the sound, start dancing! You're done! And if you can't handle this, buy a new one. Admit it, you want more than just one! These instructions work for both Tee Lab and Frank & Eileen.

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