Janessa Leone

Lynda Woven Hat | Natural



A bucket hat made for summer. This short-brimmed crochet bucket hat was intricately crocheted to create a flexible and structured design. This effortless bucket hat can easily be worn year-round and is meant for traveling with you wherever you go whether in a suitcase, a purse or a beach bag.


Raffia is known for its strength and durability. The lightweight and strength of these fibers make it an excellent material for hats. Raffia fibers are sourced from the raffia palm. The individual fibers are harvested from the frond leaf and are dried and woven into hats.


- Natural Raffia straw
- Brim: 3.5"
- Crown: 5"
- Made in Madagascar
- UPF 35+


55 cm - Small
57 cm - Medium
58.5 cm - Large
59 cm - Extra large

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