Wrapping Stitch Cocoon Cardigan | Winter White


Easy open jacket / cardigan with slim sleeves, thumbhole details and unique engineered stitches. Snap closed at hem for fitted shape and use included signature pin to hold in place at front. Turn upside down for more cropped shape.

FIT: Easy shape with fit sleeves

CONTENT: 100% Air-Spun Merino Wool

CARE: Hand wash with gentle detergent and lay flat to dry, or dry clean


WEAR 1: As easy open cardigan shape

WEAR 2: Snap closed at hem for more fitted jacket shape. Use included signature pin to hold front closed as desired

WEAR 3: Turn style upside-down for cropped shape and match the snaps in same place as when at hem for open boat neck collar shape

WEAR 4: Tuck one side tightly under one shoulder and pull other side across and pin at shoulder as desired for a fitted cropped look

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