What does "Effortlessly Chic" Mean to Us?

What do we mean by our new tagline "effortlessly chic"? 

It's looking our best without working too hard. Part of being chic, is knowing how to play up your best attributes and to look beyond what you see as your flaws (or to not even look at all!) It takes a bit of planning, but when you've nailed your effortlessly chic regimen, you should be able to get out the door in 20 minutes looking great - every day.    

This requires collecting and/or paring down your closet to only contain pieces of clothing that work for your body and your lifestyle, having an everyday hair and make-up regimen (or none!) that take no more than 10 minutes. 

Each Friday I am going to share some advice or thoughts on what it means or how to be effortlessly chic, both inside and out.  

Finding a hairstyle that is simple and works for you is a great place to start in creating your daily look.  This includes knowing and planning for your bad hair days - having already selected that favorite hat, cap, headband or scarf - so - when it happens - you have a quick and stylish solution.   

Here's an effortlessly chic "lightbulb" moment from my last haircut.  I've been fighting the habit of defaulting to a quick and easy ponytail for years.  Finally, I realized that I must like my ponytail, otherwise I wouldn't sport it so often. I asked Jamie to style my hair with a perfect ponytail in mind - the perfect part, the perfect length.  I finally decided not to fight the ponytail. So, I've embraced it and planned for it so that it's no longer my fall-back.  It's my look! Now I feel great about it.

Chic is casual elegance with a bit of the unexpected.


A person who has chic style is someone who thinks independently about fashion. She is confident and self aware to know what looks good on her. She adapts fashion to her style, not the other way round. She is somewhat of a free spirit. She doesn't like to be showy or obvious, she likes to keep a little mystery, and by that way, she unknowingly keeps everyone guessing!

She embraces change at the right time and not one to sport the same hairstyle for the next couple of decades. She is fresh, exciting and passionate yet comfortable in her own skin. She likes to reinvent herself when she feels she needs a change. 

At Well Heeled, we strive to help everyone be Effortlessly Chic.


Image Credit: https://faitharanas.wordpress.com/tag/style/

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