Jhana Pearl

La Reine Pearl Strand


Our newest Tahitian pearl Strand to the JP collection, the La Reine Strand sits in a class of its own. This 42" strand has sixty-two 12-14mm beautiful Tahitian pearls delicately strung together with our signature leather knotting.

The gorgeous color variety on this strand exhibits a wide range of pastels, peacock as well as deep blues that can only be found with Tahitian pearls .

'La Reine' means 'The Queen' in French which is a fitting for this royal-like one of a kind Tahitian pearl strand. Wear it as a long glamorous strand, double wrap for an elegant look or triple wrap as a choker for the dramatic and gorgeous shorter neckline.

Whether you dress this strand up or down, you will feel like you are stepping into the Queen you are.

While subtle, organic blemishes are present on some of these AA quality pearls, you do need to look quite closely to notice them. We find the incredible luster, colors and pearl size distracts from such natural beauty marks.

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